Deliver AI-powered solutions for your healthcare organization today, transforming billions of data points into insights and predictions that drive down costs, ultimately helping to save lives.

AI in Healthcare

Healthcare data is growing exponentially. Healthcare organizations that actively embrace automated machine learning and AI solutions, obtain better outcomes, patient satisfaction and operational efficiency.

LotusLabs can work with you to help take advantage of data found in electronic medical records, diagnostic data, and medical claims information into cutting-edge insights and predictions tailored to your healthcare application.

Case studies

The healthcare industry has a multitude of AI and machine learning applications it can use to improve the quality of care, reduce costs, and streamline operations. 

Intensive care utilization

ICU utilization can be improved with accurate predictions, increasing critical care Machine learning can be utilized topredict which patients need and do not need intensive care bringing cost savings for hospitals.

Predicting drug regimens

At LotusLabs we can create models that identify the patients behavioral drivers, and create the right intervention plan to optimize medication planning.

Predict patient length of stay

LotusLabs can help hospitals by predicting the patient length of stay. We help increasing scheduling flexibility, reducing costs and enabling tailored interventions for patients at risk.

Predict No-Shows

No-show appointments are costly for providers and patients. LotusLabs can help predict these no-shows, increasing scheduling flexibility and patient satisfaction. Our models can estimate how likely the patient no-show will be and patient reachability and responsiveness.

Patient satisfaction modeling

Improve your patients satisfaction with their healthcare experience. Predicting it you can proactively take action resolving issues.

Improve patient billing estimation

The process of billing patients is complex and tedious. To improve its estimation using AI can help your business increase cost savings and patient satisfaction.

Identify fraudulent payment activity

Fraudulent claims are costly, and it is too expensive to investigate all of the claims to identify frauds. LotusLabs can help organizations build accurate predictive models to identify fraudulent activity.

LotusLabs can help you in your AI journey

You want to see AI drive value in every corner of your business. But how do you get started? By building together an AI system with reliable day-to-day operations. At LotusLabs we are experts in Machine Learning and AI infrastructure. Our people work with your people, at all levels. Our methods help you find ways to put AI to work. Transform your business into an AI-driven enterprise.