3 AI Tools useful for any professional

Bing Chat

Bing Chat utilizes advanced AI algorithms to enhance the user experience and deliver efficient and accurate search results. Powered by natural language processing and machine learning techniques, Bing Chat leverages its AI capabilities to understand user queries, provide relevant suggestions, and facilitate seamless conversations. The AI algorithms continually learn from user interactions, improving the system's ability to interpret context, understand intent, and deliver personalized responses. From market research to idea generation, this is a great tool for a broad number of professional applications. As a result, Bing Chat is quickly overtaking Google Search in popularity because "Binging" a query rather than "Googling" it often yields more insightful and relevant results.

Canva Pro

Canva Pro incorporates AI technology to streamline and optimize the graphic design process. By harnessing the power of AI, Canva Pro offers users an array of intelligent features such as automated image resizing, smart image background removal, and suggested design layouts. The AI algorithms in Canva Pro assist users in creating visually appealing and professional designs by analyzing user preferences, suggesting relevant design elements, and simplifying complex design tasks. Canva Pro stands out compared to traditional AI image and visual generators, such as DALL-E 2 or Midjourney because it specifically provides all the tools to make social media posts, invitations, fliers, or presentations easier. Some key features of Canva Pro include Text to Image, Magic Edit, Magic Design, Magic Eraser, and Beat Sync. While membership for an individual account is $120 per year, this is a game-changing tool.


Otter.ai employs cutting-edge AI technology to transform audio and video recordings into accurate and searchable transcriptions. Powered by automatic speech recognition and natural language processing, Otter.ai's AI algorithms accurately transcribe spoken words, capturing even the minutest details. The AI capabilities enable users to search, highlight, and annotate transcriptions efficiently, making it an invaluable tool for note-taking, transcription services, and content creation. Anyone who has had to transcribe a conversation by hand knows how time-consuming and tedious a task this is. Whether you need to record a meeting or interview, Otter.ai is a serious time-saver because, with this AI-infused technology, you can import a voice recording and have it fully transcribe the conversation in minutes. The assistant includes speaker designations, time stamps, and an extremely accurate transcription. Otter.ai offers a free plan limited to 300 monthly transcription minutes at 30 minutes per conversation, but a subscription cost of $8.33 a month will make transcription time unlimited and unlock more advanced features.

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