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Case studies across various verticals
such as education, sports, retail etc

Us Open

Crowd Counting at US Open

We have partnered with PMY and deployed a crowd-counting visual interface at US Open 2021.

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Visual Inference on Edge

We have partnered with a leading IoT edge company to offer visual inferencing solutions.

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Building an entire EduTech platform

Lotus Labs helped realize an entrepreneur’s vision of creating an advanced scholastic planner capable of empowering educational planning. Lotus Labs’s data-driven solutions have paved the way for this product to be further implemented on a larger scale.

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CHSI Technologies

Modernizing Web Technology Infrastructure

Learn how Lotus Labs helped modernize CHSI’s web technology

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CHSI Technologies

Implementing the Most Suitable Dashboard and Reporting Tool

Lotus Labs built a custom analytics dashboard

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Ingress Egress

The application of computer vision and deep learning in an application which allows the user to read a video and count his desired object in the desired direction. This has a phenomenal impact on retail and supply-chain sectors for various use-cases.

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Automating Data Entry with LLM

Automating Data Entry with LLM: A Game Changer

In this article we talk about how data from documents can be extracted in structured format ,this helps in automating the tasks of data entry and can help in making data validation faster.

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CS Wholesale and Grocers

Reinventing Workflow of a Grocery Giant (CSWG)

A Case study about how Lotus Labs partnered with C&S Wholesale Grocers (CSWG) to develop innovative products that streamline and enhance operational efficiency

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We transform top organizations with product design & development, data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

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