Building an entire EduTech platform


EduCompass provides teachers with instructional strategies, student activities, and student tasks already aligned to the Depth of Knowledge levels of every standard. Dr. Scott Neil, the founder of EduCompass, is a nationally recognized expert in the area of school turnaround, with a focus on Data-Driven Instruction and the development of positive school cultures that foster student and teacher efficacy.

The Challenge

Dr.Neil approached us with the challenge of digitizing the pen and paper and the hardcoded pdf’s that the teachers were currently utilizing. How do we make this an intuitive user interface and yet simply the complicated learning plans available for the teachers?  How do we let the teachers collaborate with each other and still make their own plans and have the principal of the school have full visibility?

The Process

Lotus Labs has a proven product development framework that starts with a workshop. The workshop helps in crystallizing the problem statement and a high-level prototype of the end product. This typically helps startups in raising funds and showing an initial vision of the product. We designed the entire user experience and developed the MVP and launched the platform for the school year 2020-2021.

Educompass app

The Results

EduCompass has been widely adopted in the schools in the midwest region and is set to expand further in other states. Teachers can effectively reinforce student learning as EduCompass incorporates academic activity, learning objective, practice problem, academic vocabulary, essential question, and external resource options into each lesson plan. Student understanding of the material is tracked with the Depth of Knowledge and Learning Scale tools, allowing teachers to quickly identify what they need to emphasize in future classes. Curriculum plans can be visually displayed through a daily, weekly, or quarterly lens allowing teachers to keep track of short-term and long-term academic goals.

Principals and teachers have created many plans, generated reports and are excited and grateful for the ease of use and the flexibility the platform has offered.

Here is a glowing review from Dr. Neil that we are thrilled about:

“Working with Lotus Labs has been a blessing. They help steer me on the right path, beginning with a pilot program as opposed to a national launch. We started with 10 schools and are integrating three more while we continue testing the system.

Thanks to their idea of getting established clients to prepay, I was able to raise thousands of dollars in pre-sales to help offset the cost of development. Their mentorship has really helped me get to the next level.”

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